Agency collections

To support the implementation of policies related to biodiversity and to promote to professionals the methods, knowledge, data that it produces or co-produces with its partners, the AFB offers several editorial products in paper, web and audiovisual forms.

The Agency designs and produces or co-produces resources for biodiversity stakeholders via editorial or non-collection collections, and under different types of media (text documents of all kinds, and notably from events or other multimedia). Awareness tools are also available.

For some of them, the Agency can propose to you translated and edited versions in English. The works belonging to the Agency collections are below.


Knowledge for action | Page éditoriale

The Knowledge for action series provides professionals in biodiversity sector (instructors, students, scientists, engineers, managers, etc.) with information on recent research and science-advice work.


Guides and protocols | Page éditoriale

Guides sharing tools of working methods for knowledge of biodiversity, water police and support for public policies.


Meetings | Page éditoriale

The aim is to highlight the seminars by presenting the main lines of these seminars in the form of a short summary illustrated with examples and testimonials. They help to disseminate information on the major issues of tomorrow, on the preservation and restoration of biodiversity, and in particular for achieving the goal of achieving good water status imposed by European and national policies.


Meetings recap | Page éditoriale

This series is intended for technicians and interested persons. It presents the main elements of technical meetings organised by OFB and its partners.


Collections of experiences | Page éditoriale

These works or documents come from the desire of biodiversity stakeholders to share their experiences in detail, by analyzing the conditions of their project and the results obtained against expectations.