The French Biodiversity Agency

The purpose of the French Biodiversity Agency is to develop knowledge of and scientific expertise on species, environments, the services provided by biodiversity and the threats it faces. It coordinates national information systems on biodiversity, water and aquatic as well as marine environments. It collects, structures and publishes information collected by numerous public and associative partners.

The Agency supports or runs many applied research projects. Based on these studies and experiments, it produces compendia of knowledge and methodological guides of great value to the managers of natural areas, communities, businesses and developers.

Thanks to its expertise, the Agency contributes to developing and implementing European directives, action plans and management strategies on topics of national interest, such as:

  • monitoring and managing protected species;
  • supervising and evaluating the condition of natural environments;
  • creating and managing protected areas;
  • developing environmental remediation engineering solutions; preventing,
  • monitoring and dealing with invasive alien species;
  • wildlife health monitoring;
  • reducing various types of pollution;
  • ecological continuum.

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