Invasive alien species in aquatic environments. Practical information and management insights - Vol. 2

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Emmanuelle Sarat
Émilie Mazaubert
Alain Dutartre
Nicolas Poulet
Yohann Soubeyran
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For these two volumes of "the Knowledge for action series, almost 100 experts collected the information required to clearly present the situation and propose a scientifically based approach to assist water managers in setting up management projects. This second volume, titled Management insights, illustrates the situation discussed in the first volume with feedback from management projects in continental France and Europe.

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Plant species


Large-flowered waterweed

  • Managing large-flowered waterweed in the Marans La Rochelle canal
  • Egeria-densa2475.78 KB
  • Management and scientific monitoring of large-flowered waterweed in the Vendée River
  • Managing large-flowered waterweed and curly waterweed by installing screens on the water bottom
  • Managing large-flowered waterweed in the Loiret department

Curly waterweed

  • Managing curly waterweed in the Blanc Pond
  • Managing curly waterweed in Lough Corrib, Ireland
  • Managing curly waterweed in the valley of Vergnote River (Lot-et-Garonne department)

Water fern

  • Species fact sheet - Experiments on biological control of water fern in the U.K., Belgium and the Netherlands

Amphibious plants

Water pennywort

  • Species fact sheet
  • Management of water pennywort by the Union of sanitation boards in the Nord department
  • Managing water pennywort in the Bourret basin

Parrot-feather watermilfoil

  • Species fact sheet
  • Managing parrot-feather watermilfoil and water primrose in the Jaunay and Gué-Gorand marshes
  • Managing parrot-feather watermilfoil in the Chicheboville-Bellengreville fens

New Zealand pigmyweed

  • Managing colonisation of a pond by New Zealand pigmyweed
  • Managing New Zealand pigmyweed in the Netherlands
  • Managing New Zealand pigmyweed in an old side channel on the Vire River (Manche department)
  • Managing New Zealand pigmyweed in the pools of Cap Griz-Nez (Pas-de-Calais department)
  • Experiment in managing New Zealand pigmyweed using a thermal weed-control technique

Water primrose

  • Experiments in managing water primrose in meadows and amphibious environments of the Barthes de l’Adour area (1/2)
  • Experiments in managing water primrose in meadows and amphibious environments of the Barthes de l’Adour area(2/2)
  • Managing water primrose using mechanical uprooting and sediment dredging
  • Managing water primrose in the Vistre basin
  • Managing colonisation and proliferation of water primrose in the Marais Poitevin marshes
  • Managing water primrose in the Gardons basin - Management report on four years of work
  • Experiment on restoring wet meadows colonised by water primrose in the Isac marshes (Loire-Atlantique department)

Riparian plants

Common bamboo

  • Experimental work site for bamboo management in the central zone of the Guadeloupe national park

Box elder

  • ​Species fact sheet  
  • Project to eliminate box elder by the Biogeco joint research unit (2008-2011)

Asian knotweed

  • Experiments in mechanical removal of invasive alien knotweed in France, Switzerland and Germany
  • Managing Japanese knotweed in the Gardons basin
  • Managing Bohemian knotweed in the Garaye River
  • Experiments in using grazing to manage Japanese knotweed in the Mayenne department
  • Managing Japanese knotweed at the confluence of the Luye and Durance rivers
  • Experiments to manage Japanese knotweed in the Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon archipelago

Groundsel bush

  • Managing groundsel bushes at the Piraillan reservoirs
  • Managing groundsel bushes in the Arès -Lège-Cap-Ferret National salt-meadownature reserve
  • Managing groundsel bushes in the Spanish Basque country
  • Controlling groundsel bushes on the Ria d'Etel Natura 2000 site (Morbihan department)
  • Managing groundsel bushes in the Grande Brière Mottière marshes

Garden balsam

  • Species fact sheet
  • Managing Himalayan balsam in the Graine basin

Giant hogweed

  • Species fact sheet
  • Managing giant hogweed in the Pays d’Honfleur intermunicipal association


  • Species fact sheet
  • Experiments in managing Canadian goldenrod in the Chenevières meadows

Water finger grass

  • Species fact sheet
  • Managing water finger grass in Mas Lake

Japanese hop

  • Experiments in managing Japanese hop in the Gardons basin

Smooth cordgrass

  • Managing smooth cordgrass in Brest bay (Finistère depatment)

Giant cane

  • Experiment on a mechanical technique to rapidly eliminate giant cane

Animal species


Red swamp crayfish

  • Experiments on controlling red swamp crayfish stocks using traps and natural predators in the Brière regional nature park
  • Managing red swamp crayfish in the Brenne regional nature park
  • Experiments on managing red swamp crayfish in ponds in the Vosges department

Signal crayfish

  • Species fact sheet
  • Managing signal crayfish by sterilising males in the Sarthon basin
  • Experiments on managing signal crayfish in ponds in the Vosges department



  • Species fact sheet
  • Proposed protocol for pumpkinseed management in the Trait marshes


American bullfrog

  • 2003-2007 multi-year programme for the management of American bullfrogs in the Aquitaine region
  • Managing the American bullfrog in Sologne (Loir-et-Cher department)
  • Managing the American bullfrog on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
  • Managing the American bullfrog in the Périgord-Limousin regional nature park

African clawed frog

  • Species fact sheet
  • Managing the African clawed frog in the Argentonnay area


Red-eared slider turtle

  • Management programme for red-eared slider turtles on Corsica (Corse)
  • Managing alien turtles on the Mauguio Pond Natura 2000 site in the framework of the European LIFE + LAG’Nature programme
  • Managing red-eared slider turtles in an urban setting (Navarra, Spain)

Chinese stripe-necked turtle

  • Early preventive work against Chinese stripe-necked turtles on Réunion island


Ruddy duck

  • Species fact sheet
  • Managing ruddy ducks in France
  • Programme to eradicate ruddy ducks in the U.K.

Sacred ibis

  • Species fact sheet
  • Eradicating the sacred ibis around the Mediterranean basin
  • Managing the sacred ibis in Western France

Canada goose

  • Species fact sheet
  • Managing Canada geese in the Centre and Île-de-France regions

Egyptian goose

  • Species fact sheet
  • Managing Egyptian geese in Eastern France



  • Species fact sheet
  • Controlling populations of harmful aquatic rodents (coypu and muskrats) in the Loire-Atlantique department
  • Coypu management by the Association of certified trappers for the Gironde department


  • Species fact sheet
  • Managing muskrats in the Somme department
  • Managing muskrats in the Audomarois marshes

American mink

  • Species fact sheet
  • Control programme for American mink in the Midi-Pyrénées region
  • Collective management of the American mink in Scotland


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Les espèces exotiques envahissantes dans les milieux aquatiques, vol. 2 - Expériences de gestion | Knowledge for action | March 2015

Ce 2e volume présente plus de cinquante expériences de gestion d'espèces exotiques envahissantes, menées en France métropolitaine et en Europe. Il offre une base de réflexion et une aide à la mise en place d’actions de gestion, pour et par les gestionnaires.

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