Collections of experiences


These works or documents come from the desire of biodiversity stakeholders to share their experiences in detail, by analyzing the conditions of their project and the results obtained against expectations.


Invasive alien species in aquatic environments - Practical information and management insights - Vol. 3 | Knowledge for action | March 2019

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Invasive alien species (IAS) and their impacts represent a growing concern for the managers of natural areas.That is particularly true for aquatic environments where an array of stakeholders are now taking action. In parallel, public policies are coming into play on the national level and the European Union now has a regulation in this field. These volumes offer highly useful information while attempting to address the specific aspects of each situation, including the site, the species to be managed and the necessary technical and financial resources.


Invasive alien species in aquatic environments. Practical information and management insights - Vol. 2 | Knowledge for action | March 2015

This second volume illustrates the situation discussed in the first volume with feedback from management projects in continental France and Europe.


Towards the restoration of rivers and aquatic environments - A collection of river hydromorphology restoration examples | Recueils d'expériences | January 2010

The collection presents more than 60 examples of river hydromorphology restoration undertaken over the past 20 years throughout France. These actions aim to preserve river hydromorphology or to re-establish hydromorphological processes of rivers.


Why restore river continuity ? | Book | September 2010

In France, more than 60000 structures - dams, locks, weirs and mills - have been listed on rivers and are potential obstacles to river continuity. Important regulatory texts focus on biological continuity between major natural sites and within aquatic environments. In practical terms, these regulatory texts lead us to increase our collective efforts and actions in favour of restoring river continuity.