The aim is to highlight the seminars by presenting the main lines of these seminars in the form of a short summary illustrated with examples and testimonials. They help to disseminate information on the major issues of tomorrow, on the preservation and restoration of biodiversity, and in particular for achieving the goal of achieving good water status imposed by European and national policies.

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Natural water retention measures NWRM - Measures offering multiple benefits to meet water-related challenges - n° 72 |

Natural water retention measures (NWRM) comprise an array of initiatives to restore the natural properties of ecosystems in view of slowing the runoff of surface waters and increasing the infiltration capacity of soil. Examples from projects in France stress the multiple benefits of these measures.


Dam removal - The Sélune River free to run - n°70 |

What happens when a river is once again free to run? In the Sélune valley (Manche department in Normandy), the largest dam-removal project in Europe is being carried out in step with an unprecedented scientific programme aiming to better understand the changes in the ecosystem, monitor the return of migratory fish and participate in the future development of the valley.


Restoration of river continuity: model initiatives across France and Europe - n°54 |

The French National River Restoration Centre, led by the French Agency for Biodiversity (AFB), organised a workshop and field visits on river continuity restoration initiatives. This was an opportunity for practitioners involved in the management of aquatic environments to discover reproducible actions targeting multiple issues, carried out in Italy, the United Kingdom, Finland and France.


A national centre to promote river restoration - n°40 |

In a few months, France will have its very own National Centre for river restoration, like a number of other European countries. In order to collectively consider this centre’s priority activities, Onema organised a day of discussion with the relevant public-sector stakeholders on 1 December 2015 in Paris.


Head water streams, a critical issue for water resources - n°36 |

The participants brought together for the “Head water streams – How to reconcile the issues affecting these exceptional territories?” symposium took part in interesting debates on the issues, knowledge and actions undertaken in these territories. This symposium forms part of the actions of the 2014-2018 National Plan of action for Wetlands.