Invasive alien species in aquatic environments - Practical information and management insights - Vol. 3

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Emmanuelle Sarat
Doriane Blottière
Alain Dutartre
Nicolas Poulet
Yohann Soubeyran
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Agence française pour la biodiversité - AFB
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Agence française pour la biodiversité - AFB
Knowledge for action
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Invasive alien species (IAS) and their impacts represent a growing concern for the managers of natural areas.
That is particularly true for aquatic environments where an array of stakeholders are now taking action. In parallel, public policies are coming into play on the national level and the European Union now has a regulation in this field.

  • What is the status of current knowledge on biological invasions? What is the applicable legal framework and what recommendations should be made?
  • In the field, which species are managers attempting to address? Which techniques are used, where and how,and what are the objectives and the results achieved?

Volume 1  /  Volume 2

These 3 volumes in the Knowledge for action series clearly present the situation and propose a scientifically based approach to assist environmental managers in setting up management projects. Though no “cure alls” currently exist, these volumes offer highly useful information while attempting to address the specific aspects of each situation, including the site, the species to be managed and the necessary technical and financial resources.

The reported files are new and will be in the 4th volume to be published in 2021.

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Plant species


Large-flowered waterweed*

Water fern

Curly waterweed*

Amphibious plants

New Zealand pigmyweed*

Water primrose*

Broadleaf watermilfoil

Parrot-feather watermilfoil

Water hyacinth

Riparian plants

Groundsel bush*

Common bamboo

Giant cane

Japanese hop

Yellow skunk cabbage

Asian knotweed*

Smooth cordgrass

Lizard's tail

Brown salwood

Miconia trees

Hudson pear

Pampas grass

Alligator weed

Caladium bicolor

Himalayan balsam

Hottentot fig

Animal species


Asian bush mosquito


Chinese pond mussel


Red swamp crayfish*


American bullfrog*


Chinese stripe-necked turtle

Red-eared slider turtle*


Northern raccoon

Siberian chipmunk

* Management reports for these species are also available in volume 2 (2015).

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Les espèces exotiques envahissantes dans les milieux aquatiques, vol.3 - Expériences de gestion (bis) | Knowledge for action | August 2018

Fort du succès rencontré par les deux premiers volumes et de la dynamique enclenchée, ce 3e volume Les espèces exotiques envahissantes dans les milieux aquatiques. Connaissances pratiques et expériences de gestion (bis) offre un recueil supplémentaire de 35 retours d’expériences de gestion portant sur 21 espèces déjà abordées et 12 nouvelles espèces, dont 3 présentes en outre-mer.

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