European Center for River Restoration (ECRR) General Members meeting : field excursion on Mérantaise river, France

Données de l'événement
Visit of the works on Mérantaise stream , Thursday 9 novembre 2017

Programme and field excursion organised by the French national center for river restoration (CNRR) led by the French Biodiversity Agency (AFB), in collaboration with the river syndicat SIAHVY and the regional nature parc of Haute Vallée de Chevreuse : best practices on river continuity restoration.

Pactical informations
  • Location : SIAHVY  12 Avenue Salvador Allende, 91160 Saulx-les-Chartreux ;
  • Schedule : 8h30 / 16h30 ;
  • Simultaneous translation.

Programme and ressources


    Start at 9h - at SIAHVY office at Saulx-les-Chartreux, Essonne

   Moderator Bart FOKKENS, associated expert ECRR
Welcome from M BARRET, president of Siahvy,  from M Martin JANES, chairman ECRR and from M Philippe DUPONT AFB/French national river restoration center

  Session 1

Presentation and discussion on implementation of river continuity restoration : context, levers and bottlenecks, national strategies and plans, perception of this policy, links with other policies .

  Session 2

Presentation of Mérantaise stream

   French national center for river restoration CNRR and the national network of practitionners : Mme Josée Peress, AFB and M Thierry Mougey, Fédération des parcs naturels régionaux de France

   Film « Rivers in good health »: This short film illustrates the river processes and the multiple benefits provided by river preservation and restoration.


7 sites have been visited (click on the map to open it).

   Ors mill (Moulin d'ors) in the Parc naturel régional de la Haute Vallée de Chevreuse

Ors mill and reproduction sites of brown trout

  Works carried out by the SIAHVY on Mérantaise stream at Gif sur Yvette

Weir removals, returning the river to its original bed, flood plain restauration, pond removal and meandering.


    Six river restoration examples carried out in France :


    More informations

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    The French National River Restoration Centre, led by the French Agency for Biodiversity (AFB), organised a workshop and field visits on river continuity restoration initiatives. This was an opportunity for practitioners involved in the management of aquatic environments to discover reproducible actions targeting multiple issues, carried out in Italy, the United Kingdom, Finland and France.


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